Private label

REAM's private label

Just for shirts? actually No...

Private label for the production of: T-shirts, sweatshirts and everything related to MADE IN ITALY sweatshirts, hoodies, overshirts for men and women

we do this for various European and US brands

Here are the many benefits, including:
1. Customization: Allows brands to personalize their garments with unique logo, embroidery or print, colors and designs, allowing them to differentiate themselves from the competition and create a distinctive brand identity

2. Quality and craftsmanship: we produce high quality garments using fine materials and qualified craftsmen, guaranteeing brands impeccable and long-lasting workmanship

3. Flexibility and speed: Thanks to the efficient production structure, it is able to satisfy the demands of brands quickly, allowing it to always have contemporary and updated products available

4. Competitive costs: By partnering with ream, brands have access to high-quality products at a competitive price, offering their customers excellent value for money

5. Professional support: REAM provides brands with a team of experts who support them in all phases of the production process, from design to implementation, guaranteeing a professional and personalized service