Who we are

Who we are?
We are a young and dynamic Italian company,
with a heart full of passion for MADE IN ITALY, and experience in the sector, handed down by our family who since 1980, have been designing and producing MADE IN ITALY men's and women's shirts, on behalf of third parties, and now with their own brands of medium-high target , EKLAM and mr. eklam
Where we are?
REAM Camiceria was born in Italy in CARPI (Modena), a town in northern Italy (in the Emilia Romagna region) where we still have our headquarters and production.


The EKLAM brand was born from an original idea by Davide Gatti, heir to the sartorial tradition, who with this new brand carries on the family business.
EKLAM represents the international spirit of our Italian shirt manufacturing, starting from Northern Europe as a widespread surname, up to Asia where it is an equally widespread female name. A melting pot of cultures, traditions, styles and shapes that inspires us every day, to create our Made in Italy shirts

Why should I choose an EKLAM shirt?
The DNA of the EKLAM brand is based on creating shirts that go beyond expectations, with a keen eye on trends and an individual style imprint.

Attention to detail is one of the fundamental principles of the EKLAM brand, which is reflected both in the high quality materials used and in the exclusive finishes. From the model and the cut, to the stitching, every aspect is taken care of with the utmost precision to guarantee uncompromising durability and performance.


Distinctive elements of EKLAM shirts include innovative details such as hidden pockets, heat-sealed seams and fabrics that adapt to body temperature. These elements give the shirts a unique character, ideal for those looking for a modern and sophisticated look.

In summary, EKLAM is a brand of shirts that combines attention to craftsmanship, technological innovation and a unique style. Surely, those who wear an EKLAM shirt will feel special and ready to face any occasion

For commercial contacts and information:
Italy - 41012 CARPI (MO) Via Alessandro Tassoni 36/D
Ph. +39 059/9130036